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A journey doesn't need a reason. It takes no time before it proves that it is enough by itself. One thinks that one makes a journey, but it's the journey which changes oneself .
Nicolas Bouvier "The way of the world"
Angèle, engineer for 7 years...
and the dream of travelling across South America on a bike
Here's a photo before my journey: long hair, ready to go from Bogota to Easter island without any phone or GPS.
Travelling along the Andes...
I cut my hair short. For 6 months I've been dressing as a boy, meeting extraordinary people and living a travel of my dreams.
Well-equiped et independent
Mechanic courses before the journey, waterproof bags, a tent, sleeping bags and a stove... That's where I got an idea of backpacks for urban nomads.
Business woman for today
I came back in Paris, stronger and more confident with a a new dream : create a company that promotes bike as a city transport with a backpack that makes a journey easier.
Discover Dark Moon
To make your back take a rest and to free you from head to toe.
Because the feeling of freedom is so important when you are riding a bike.
Discover Shine Back
With Anastasia, an eternal optimist
Anastasia, communication & marketing executive, always achieves her goals with a smile.
Anastasia & Angèle
Together we create a start-up that is just like us.
Our values
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Nom et prénom
Ville / Pays
Code Postale
Everything that inspires us
and everything we do for the planet :
For our future
We fabricate durable & repairable products. We optimise the usage of materials to reduce our environmental impact.
Innovating low-tech
Cycling clips are made to promote low-tech technologies. We believe that low-tech is a key for a green future.
The design of our backpacks is inspired by equality. The same backpack for man and woman.
After our first collection made in France, we fabricate our backpacks in Tunisia to make them more affordable.
Fiber optic light is a patented result of Soundary & French engineers.
Unique design
Be unique. Wear original Soundary backpacks.
Engineer & designer collaboration
We dream of a world where the beauty is essential.
We dream of equality between man & woman.
We dream of a more responsable lifestyle.

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