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  • Does a backpack fit a laptop 13" ?
    Yes. Dimensions of a Soundary backpack are 34 x 24,5 cm. If your laptop is smaller or around this size, our backpack will be perfect for it.
    No worries for height, the two sangles are flexible.

  • Are the leather straps comfortable to wear?
    Yes, our leather straps are soft & solid. They are 100% comfortable to wear.
    Just like a leather belt, with some time they take a form of your body.

  • Why did you choose this form of a backpack?
    We got inspired by a bike's wheel. When a backpack is placed on a rack, it matches perfectly your bike. The form of a triangle is inspired by a road attention sign capturing attention of car drivers.
  • Is it water resistant?
    Our backpacks are made of leather and water repellent canvas. When it rains, water flows over it but does not get in.
  • Can I put my sneakers and fitness clothes inside?
    Sure! This backpack has an outrageous capacity. You can put into your backpack a laptop, sneakers, documents and fitness clothes at the same time.
  • Is it made of leather?
    The straps are made of full grain leather. The central compartement consists of water repellent canvas.
  • Why don't you make flashing arrows left / right on your backpacks?
    We do not connect our backpacks to smartphones because we care about safety on road of our clients. Any devices that you use on your way can cause an accident.
  • Is it heavy ?
    Soundary backpack's weight is 1,1 kg.


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